base-compat-0.12.3: A compatibility layer for base

base-compat-0.12.3: A compatibility layer for base

Provides functions available in later versions of base to a wider range of compilers, without requiring you to use CPP pragmas in your code. See the README for what is covered. Also see the changelog for recent changes.

Note that base-compat does not add any orphan instances. There is a separate package, base-orphans, for that.

In addition, base-compat does not backport any data types or type classes. See this section of the README for more info.

base-compat is designed to have zero dependencies. For a version of base-compat that depends on compatibility libraries for a wider support window, see the base-compat-batteries package. Most of the modules in this library have the same names as in base-compat-batteries to make it easier to switch between the two. There also exist versions of each module with the suffix .Repl, which are distinct from anything in base-compat-batteries, to allow for easier use in GHCi.